• Democratic Party of Georgia’s Poll Observer Program

    Mark your calendars for Tuesday, November 8th!


    Your help is needed at the polls to ensure every eligible voter can cast a ballot and have their voice heard in Georgia's 2022 General Election.

    If you can commit, use the official Democratic Part of Georgia Registration Form


    Click HERE To Begin


    Please, do not use the form for general questions. Once you submit the form, you have committed to volunteer as a Poll Observer.


    What is a Poll Observer?

    Poll Observers are the eyes and ears for the Democratic Party of Georgia's Voter Protection Team inside polling locations across the state. You will be a crucial resource to support voters and the first to report any issues voters are facing at the polling place, which makes poll observing the single most important thing you can do other than cast a ballot yourself to ensure a strong, healthy democracy.


    Do I need experience to volunteer?

    No previous experience or legal training is necessary, and you do NOT need to be a Georgia resident. You will be provided with all the information and written materials you need to be a poll observer, and you will be supported by an experienced legal boiler room every step of the way.


    What kind of scheduling needs are there?

    Early Vote Runs from October 17 - November 4, with mandatory Saturday voting on October 22 and 29 and optional Sunday voting on October 23 and 30. Voting hours will vary during early vote from 9am-5pm to 7am-7pm depending on the county.

    Election Day is November 8th 2022 and poll are open from 7am to 7pm across the state!


    What is included in the Poll Observer Program?

    The program will feature:
    (1) One mandatory zoom observer training session (will be offered in over Zoom)*
    (2) One mandatory online “Dry Run” on October 15 at 11am ET
    (3) Your shift during Early Vote and/or on Election Day

    *All trainings are mandatory and will NOT be recorded.

    Thank you for fighting for the right to vote and protecting democracy in Georgia!

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