• Officers

    Deidre Grim, Chair

    chair [at] ccdcgeorgia.com


    Robert Bryant, 1st Vice-Chair

    vicechair1 [at] ccdcgeorgia.com


    Ervenia Bowers, 2nd Vice-Chair

    vicechair2 [at] ccdcgeorgia.com


    Amethyst Okwu, Secretary

    secretary [at] ccdcgeorgia.com


    Gregory Smith, Treasurer

    treasurer [at] ccdcgeorgia.com

    District Captains

    1st District - Vacant

    2nd District - Mitch Mackler (mackler [@] yahoo.com]

    3rd District - Takisha Gates (takishap [@] gmail.com)

    4th District - Vacant

    5th District - Robert Bryant (rgbryant3 [@] gmail.com)

    6th District - Vacant

    7th District - Orlando Scott (opscott70 [@] gmail.com)

    8th District - Ervenia Brown (ervenia [@] yahoo.com)


    DPG/DNC - James "Jay" Jones

    State - Honorable Derrick Mallow

    County - Honorable Aaron 'Adot" Whitely

    Savannah - Honorable Alicia Miller-Blakely

    Pooler - Honorable Thomas Hutcherson

    Garden City - Honorable Richard Lassiter

    Port Wentworth - Honorable Thomas Barbee

    Thunderbolt - Vacant

    Tybee Island - Vacant

    Bloomingdale - Vacant

    Unincorporated - Vacant


    Committees & Special Interests

    Budget And Finance - Orlando Scott

    Charter And Bylaws - Alldrein Murray

    Communication - Vacant

    Membership - Vacant

    Elections & Voter Integrity - LaTricia Brown

    County Affairs - Vacant

    Education - Vacant

    Facilities - Patrick Whitney

    Strategic Planning - Vacant

    Caucuses & Task Forces

    African American - Vacant

    Disability - Vacant

    Get Out The Vote - Vacant

    Greening Georgia - Vacant

    Latino - Vacant
    LGBTQ - Vacant
    Senior - Vacant

    Veterans - Vacant

    Youth Outreach - Vacant


    * If you are interested in establishing a Caucus, contact the CCDC.

    State Committee Members*

    Updated 8/24/2022

    Ervenia Bowers*
    John Haden
    James "Jay" Jones
    Leslie Pickett-Sheehan*
    Aaron "Adot" Whitely
    Patrick Whitney*


    * The Democratic Party of Georgia has assigned six (6) delegates to the State Committee
    ** Serving the balance of resigned and vacant seats.

    State Convention Delegates

    Updated 8/24/2022

    State Committee Members*

    Ervenia Bowers
    John Haden
    James "Jay" Jones
    Leslie Pickett-Sheehan
    Aaron "Adot" Whitely
    Patrick Whitney


    Non-State Committee Members**


    Robert Bryant
    Takisha Gates
    Glynda Jones
    Amethyst Okwu
    George Penniman
    Nick Savas
    Alternates: Gabrielle Nelson, Cassidy Malloy


    * DPG Charter Article III: State Convention; Section 3. Delegates; C3.03.01 ~ All State Committee Members, regular and ex-officio, shall be delegates.
    ** DPG Charter Article III: State Convention; Section 3. Delegates; C3.03.04
    ~ In addition to the above, each County may elect up to twice as many delegates as that County is entitled to State Committee Members and as many alternates as that County is entitled to State Committee Members. These elected delegates do not have to be County Committee members. The method for election shall be provided in the Bylaws.