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    Democratic Party of Chatham County

    Registered voters completing the Democratic Party of Chatham County Annual Membership Application Declaration shall, upon voter verification, be recognized as a member of the Democratic Party of Chatham County. Members shall advise the Chatham County Democratic Committee and serve as the electorate for Committee membership.

    Chatham County Democratic Committee

    The Chatham County Democratic Committee shall be comprised of 8 members per County District elected by the Democratic Party of Chatham County membership. Membership shall not exceed 64. Elected members shall fulfill the Chatham County Democratic Committee’s duties as prescribed by the Committee’s by-laws.

    Committee Meetings

    Chatham County Democratic Committee meetings are held monthly on the fourth Wednesday at 6 p.m. (except for December) and on the 3rd Floor of the McKelvey-Powell Building, located at 714 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Savannah. (corner of Gwinnett Street & Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd.)


    Members of the Democratic Party of Chatham County are welcome to attend.


    Prospective members of the Democratic Party of Chatham County are also encouraged to attend. We cordially invite you to join us, let your voice be heard, and become actively involved and engaged in making a positive change in our community! Contributing to your community means you can serve your fellow citizens, your neighbors, by helping to shape our local government's public policies.


    The Chatham County Democratic Committee, alongside the Democratic Party of Chatham County, helps to advise County Democrats about voting wisely, updating citizens about public policy changes, responds to calls-to-action, and identifies and recruits qualified Democratically-minded candidates to run for public office.



    Currently, all Committee meetings are held virtually through Zoom.

    If you wish to attend, you must be on the Committee's Mailing List to receive the invitation.

  • Executive Committee

    Committee Officers

    Chair - James "Jay" Jones
    First Vice-Chair - Aaron "Adot" Whitely
    Second Vice-Chair - Vacant

    Interim Secretary - Vacant

    Interim Treasurer - Tomeca McPherson

    Sub-Committee Chairs

    Joel Bond, GOTV

    Patrick Kelsey, Communications & Education

    Tomeca McPherson, Finance

  • Post Seat Holders

    * denotes terms expiring in 2020 (Presidential)

    # denotes terms expiring in 2022 (Gubernatorial)

    Elected Post Seat Holders For The Term Ending 2024 Will Be Announced On December 14, 2020.

    District 1

    • Vacant
    • Nick Savas#
    • Andrea Silverman#
    • Jerry Silverman*
    • Sam Simpson#
    • Karen Stephens*
    • Vacant
    • Vacant

    District 2

    • Carol Bell*
    • Tia Brightwell#
    • Vacant
    • Detric Leggett#
    • Michael "Mac" Sims#
    • Vacant
    • Vicki Weeks*
    • Patrick Kelsey#

    District 3

    • Antwan Lang*
    • Gertrude Robinson*
    • Vacant
    • Vacant
    • Vacant
    • Vacant
    • Vacant
    • Vacant

    District 4

    • Rodger Arner*
    • Brenda Gaines#
    • Sue Kantor#
    • Ronald Krannich#
    • Marilyn Michaels*
    • Kerri McGinty*
    • Arlene Ratner*
    • Angelisa Savage-Bryant#

    District 5

    • Louise Franklin*
    • Robert Hilton*
    • Darnell Johnson#
    • Finley Johnson Jr.#
    • Glynda Jones#
    • Alldrein Murray#
    • Carl Murray Jr.*
    • Vacant

    District 6

    • Alicia Blakely#
    • Joel Bond*
    • Glenada Davis#
    • James "Jay" Jones*
    • Lillian Loretz-Williams*
    • Miriam Munn#
    • Aaron Whitely#
    • Tyesha Whitely*

    District 7

    • Claudia Collier*
    • John Haden#
    • McArthur Holmes#
    • Vacant
    • Vacant
    • Vacant
    • Vacant
    • Vacant

    District 8

    • Ervenia Bowers*
    • Curtis Cooper, Jr.*
    • Anthony Graves#
    • Julius Hall*
    • Tonia Howard-Hall#
    • Bernetta Lanier#
    • Tomeca McPherson#
    • Natavia Sanders*
  • Georgia State Delegates

    Claudia Collier

    John Haden

    James "Jay" Jones
    Marilyn Michaels

    Vicki Weeks

    Aaron "Adot" Whitely

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