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    Democratic Party of Chatham County (DPCC)

    Members of the Democratic Party of Chatham County (DPCC) shall advise the Chatham County Democratic Committee (CCDC), and DPCC members serve as the electorate for the CCDC.


    Registered voters with residence in Chatham County completing the DPCC Annual Declaration shall, upon voter verification, be recognized as a member of the DPCC.

    Chatham County Democratic County (CCDC)

    The Chatham County Democratic Committee, located in Savannah, is one of 159 County Committees and is the primary point of contact between the Democratic Electorate and the Democratic Party and is frequently the first contact for Democratic activists and candidates.


    The Chatham County Democratic Committee consists of 64 elected members with 8 elected members from each of the 8 Chatham County Commission Districts.


    Our Committee's duties include, but are not limited to, electing State Committee Members, promoting Party platforms, recruiting qualified candidates for public office, supporting Democratic nominees, qualifying Democratic candidates for county office, and performing such primary and election functions as are required through the by-law.

    Committee Meetings

    Chatham County Democratic Committee meetings are traditionally held monthly on the fourth Tuesday at 6 p.m. (except for November and December where it is the 3rd Tuesday) on the 3rd Floor of the McKelvey-Powell Building, 714 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Savannah. (corner of Gwinnett Street & Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd.). 


    All elected members of the Chatham County Democratic Committee are expected to be in attendance. Members of the Democratic Party of Chatham County with a 2021 Declaration on file are welcome to attend. Also, prospective members of the Democratic Party of Chatham County are also encouraged to attend and declaration forms may be completed on-site.


    We cordially invite you to join us, let your voice be heard, and become actively involved and engaged in making a positive change in our community! Contributing to your community means you can serve your fellow citizens, your neighbors, by helping to shape our local government's public policies.


    The Chatham County Democratic Committee, alongside the Democratic Party of Chatham County, helps to advise County Democrats about voting wisely, updating citizens about public policy changes, responds to calls-to-action, and identifies and recruits qualified Democratically-minded candidates to run for public office.

    2022 Meeting Schedule (Subject To Change)

    Tuesday, January 25 – General Meeting

    Tuesday, February 22- General Meeting

    Tuesday, March 22 - General Meeting

    Wednesday, April 27 - General Meeting

    Tuesday, May 24 - General Meeting

    Tuesday, June 28 - General Meeting

    Tuesday, July 26 - General Meeting

    Tuesday, August 23 - General Meeting

    Tuesday, September 27 - General Meeting

    Tuesday, October 25 - General Meeting

    Tuesday, November 15 - General Meeting

    Tuesday, December 20 - General Meeting

  • Meet The Committee

    Executive Committee Officers

    Jay Jones, Chair

    chair [at] ccdcgeorgia.com


    Patrick Kelsey, 1st Vice-Chair

    vicechair1 [at] ccdcgeorgia.com


    Tomeca McPherson, 2nd Vice-Chair

    vicechair2 [at] ccdcgeorgia.com


    Gabrielle Nelson, Secretary

    secretary [at] ccdcgeorgia.com


    Orlando Scott, Treasurer

    treasurer [at] ccdcgeorgia.com

    District Captains

    1st District - Nick Savas (nsavas323 [@] gmail.com)

    2nd District - Mitch Mackler (mackler [@] yahoo.com]

    3rd District - Takisha Gates (takishap [@] gmail.com)

    4th District - Vacant

    5th District - Robert Bryant (rgbryant3 [@] gmail.com)

    6th District - Spencer DeMink

    (spencedemink [@] gmail.com)

    7th District - Orlando Scott (opscott70 [@] gmail.com)

    8th District - Ervenia Brown (ervenia [@] yahoo.com)


    State - Honorable Derrick Mallow

    County - Honorable Aaron 'Adot" Whitely

    Savannah - Honorable Alicia Miller-Blakely

    Pooler - Honorable Thomas Hutcherson

    Garden City - Honorable Richard Lassiter

    Port Wentworth - Honorable Thomas Barbee

    Thunderbolt - TBD

    Tybee Island - TBD

    Bloomingdale - TBD

    Unincorporated - TBD

    DPG/DNC - James "Jay" Jones

    Neighborhood - TBD

    Committees & Special Interests

    Budget And Finance - Orlando Scott

    Charter And Bylaws - Alldrein Murray

    Communication - Patrick Kelsey

    Membership - Andrea Silverman

    Elections & Voter Integrity - LaTricia Brown

    County Affairs - TBD

    Education - TBD

    Facilities - TBD

    Strategic Planning - TBD

    Caucuses & Task Forces

    Get Out The Vote - TBD

    African American - TBD

    Environment - Claudia Collier & Vicki Weeks

    Senior - TBD

    Veterans - TBD

    Women - TBD

    Youth Outreach - TBD

    Georgia State Delegates

    Claudia Collier

    John Haden

    James "Jay" Jones


    Vicki Weeks

    Aaron "Adot" Whitely

  • Elected Committee Members

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