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    Always check the Secretary of State for updated information


    To register to vote, an elector must a resident in the county in which they are seeking to vote (O.C.G.A. § 21 2 217).


    All voters in Georgia must show ID at the polls prior to voting in person early or on Election Day.


    Acceptable ID includes:

    • A Georgia driver’s license, even if expired
    • Any valid state or federal-issued photo ID, including a free Voter ID Card issued by your county registrar’s office or by the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS)
    • Valid U.S. passport
    • Valid employee photo ID from any branch, department, agency, or entity of the U.S. Government, Georgia, or any county, municipality, board, authority, or other state entity
    • Valid U.S. military photo ID
    • Valid tribal photo ID

    College Students

    Voter Registration: Students attending college may register at their campus address or choose to remain registered or register at their permanent or home address but can only be registered and vote in one location.

    Voting: Georgia accepts student ID cards from certain public and technical institutions. Students at private universities must show one of the other acceptable forms of photo ID to vote.


    Secretary of State's Election Information


    On the Elections page, you will find:

    • Election Results
    • How & Where To Vote
    • Register to Vote
    • Check Voter Registration
    • Election FAQs
    • Elections & Voter Registration Calendar
    • Order Voter Lists
    • Online Voter Registration
    • My Voter Page*
    • Georgia Election Code
    • Voters With Disabilities
    • VoteSafe (Privacy Protection)

    * My Voter Page Features:

    • Voter registration status
    • Mail-In application and ballot status
    • Poll location
    • Early voting locations
    • Elected Officials
    • Registration information on file with the county office
    • Sample ballot for the upcoming election
    • Provisional Ballot status
    •  Access to UOCAVA ballots
  • Election Day Resources

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    Voter registration status, Mail-In application, and ballot status, or Poll locations


    Chatham County Board of Registrar

    (912) 790-1520


    Chatham County Board of Elections

    (912) 201-4375

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