• Welcome To The Chatham County Democratic Committee

    About Your Democratic Party

    The Democratic Party is home to millions of people, citizens of the United States of America fighting for progress and helping to elect Democrats at every level of government, from the local alderman to the nation’s president.

    Democrats believe that we’re greater together than we are on our own, that this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot, does their fair share, and plays by the same rules. Our party is focused on building an economy that lifts up all Americans.

    Democrats goals include creating jobs, making sure workers get a living wage and equal pay for equal work, preserving and improving our public education system, increasing access to affordable health care, protecting the environment and building a sustainable economy, and removing any unfair barriers that stand between a citizen and the voting booth.

    The Georgia Democrat's Guiding Principles

    • The American Dream of opportunity for all should guide all
      government policies.
    • Our government should promote economic security for all Georgians.
    • The creation of good jobs for all Georgians is a top priority.
    • All students should have access to quality public education.
    • Access to quality, affordable healthcare is a basic, human right.
    • It is our responsibility to protect the earth for all future generations
    • All our citizens have the right to feel safe and secure in their communities.
    • A fundamental role of government is to provide for national security.
    • Every citizen’s constitutional right to fair and equal justice must be upheld.
    • All those who enjoy the privilege of serving in an elected office must be held to the highest ethical standard.

    About The Chatham County Democratic Committee

    The purpose of the Chatham County Democratic Committee (CCDC) is to foster local Democratic activities and affiliated organizations; seek out and assist democratic candidates for public office; provide voter education; and work with democratic officials at all levels while ensuring they stay true to our guiding principles.

    Headquartered in Savannah, the CDCC is the hub for all Chatham County Democrats to gather and discuss our guiding principles. We invite you to join us, let your voice be heard and be actively involved and engaged in making a positive change in our community!

    Contributing to your community means more than obeying the law and paying taxes. As a CCDC member, you can also serve your fellow citizens, your neighbors, by helping to shape or influence the public policies of our local government.

    As a member of the CCDC, you can help us advise Chatham County Democrats about voting wisely, provide public policy updates so we are informed citizens, respond to calls-to-action, and identify and recruit qualified Democratically-minded candidates to run for local office.

    Between the monthly general membership meetings and the select subcommittee meetings, scheduled as needed, there is no limitation to how active you can be in the CCDC.

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