• Democratic National Committee


    Since 1848, the Democratic National Committee has been the home of the Democratic Party, the oldest continuing party in the United States. Today, we are millions of supporters strong, leading with our values, fighting for progress, and helping elect Democrats in every state, city, and ZIP code — from local office to the Oval Office.


    Our party is strong because it’s built on advancing our Democratic platform and forging positive solutions that include everyone. As the Democratic National Committee, we are working together to build a bright future for everyone. We are fighting for the soul of our country, for the heart of our democracy, and for America’s place.

  • Democratic Party of Georgia

    The Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG) is dedicated to improving the lives of all Georgians, and this is reflected through our party platform. Our state party works year-round to elect Democrats that share our values of a strong middle class, integrity in government, and equality and justice for all Georgians.


    Guiding Principles

    • Georgia Democrats believe that the American Dream of opportunity for all should guide government policies at all levels.
    • Georgia Democrats believe that good decisions by our government promote economic security for all Georgians.
    • Georgia Democrats believe that the creation of good jobs for all Georgians is our top priority.
    • Georgia Democrats believe that all students should have access to a high-quality public education.
    • Georgia Democrats believe that access to quality, affordable healthcare is a basic, human right.
    • Georgia Democrats believe that it is our responsibility to leave our children and grandchildren an earth that is safe and livable for future generations.
    • Georgia Democrats believe all our citizens have the right to safety and security.
    • Georgia Democrats believe a fundamental role of government is to provide for national security.
    • Georgia Democrats believe in and uphold every citizen’s right to equal and impartial justice under the law. that it is a privilege to serve in elected office, and all who serve should be held to the highest ethical standards.

    Democratic Party of Chatham County

    Members of the Democratic Party of Chatham County shall advise the Chatham County Democratic Committee, and members serve as the electorate for Chatham County Democratic Committee membership.


    Registered voters with residence in Chatham County completing the Democratic Party of Chatham County Annual Membership Application Declaration shall, upon voter verification, be recognized as a member of the Democratic Party of Chatham County.

    Chatham County Democratic Committee

    The Chatham County Democratic Committee, located in Savannah, is one of 159 County Committees and is the primary point of contact between the Democratic Electorate and the Democratic Party and is frequently the first contact for Democratic activists and candidates.


    The Chatham County Democratic Committee consists of 64 elected members with 8 elected members from each of the 8 Chatham County Commission Districts.


    Our Committee's duties include, but are not limited to, electing State Committee Members, promoting Party platforms, recruiting qualified candidates for public office, supporting Democratic nominees, qualifying Democratic candidates for county office, and performing such primary and election functions as are required through the by-law.


    Administered by the Chatham County Democratic Committee are, without hierarchy, the following activities:

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