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    Updated February 17, 2020


    The CCDC Executive Committee is an elected Chair, a 1st Vice-Chair, a 2nd Vice-Chair, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.


    The CCDC Committee Members are 64 Post Seat Holders, 8 from each of the Chatham County Commission Districts, elected to four-year terms, representing their districts, and each has one vote on official matters during official CCDC meetings.


    Post Seat Holders are elected to a designated post and each designated post will be clearly designated to be a Gubernatorial or Presidential post.


    For information about Election of Committee Members, see the Chatham County Democratic Committee By-Laws, Article III, Section 3.4


    * denotes terms expiring in 2020 (Presidential) / # denotes terms expiring in 2022 (Gubernatorial)

    District 1

    • James "Jay" Blackburn*
    • Nick Savas#
    • Andrea Silverman#
    • Jerry Silverman*
    • Sam Simpson#
    • Karen Stephens*
    • Vacant
    • Vacant

    District 2

    • Carol Bell*
    • Tia Brightwell#
    • Dan Graham*
    • Detric Leggett#
    • Michael "Mac" Sims#
    • Carry Smith*
    • Vicki Weeks*
    • Vacant

    District 3

    • Patrick Kelsey#
    • Antwan Lang*
    • Gertrude Robinson*
    • Vacant
    • Vacant
    • Vacant
    • Vacant
    • Vacant

    District 4

    • Rodger Arner*
    • Brenda Gaines#
    • Sue Kantor#
    • Ronald Krannich#
    • Marilyn Michaels*
    • Kerri McGinty*
    • Arlene Ratner*
    • Angelisa Savage-Bryant#

    District 5

    • Louise Franklin*
    • Robert Hilton*
    • Darnell Johnson#
    • Finley Johnson Jr.#
    • Glynda Jones#
    • Alldrein Murray#
    • Carl Murray Jr.*
    • Vacant

    District 6

    • Alicia Blakely#
    • Joel Bond*
    • Glenada Davis#
    • James "Jay" Jones*
    • Lillian Loretz-Williams*
    • Miriam Munn#
    • Aaron Whitely#
    • Tyesha Whitely*

    District 7

    • Claudia Collier*
    • John Haden#
    • McArthur Holmes#
    • Alzina McCoy#
    • Leonard McCoy*
    • Vacant
    • Vacant
    • Vacant

    District 8

    • Ervenia Bowers*
    • Curtis Cooper, Jr.*
    • Anthony Graves#
    • Julius Hall*
    • Tonia Howard-Hall#
    • Bernetta Lanier#
    • Tomeca McPherson#
    • Natavia Sanders*
    Definition of General Membership:
    All organizations of the Democratic Party are open to anyone who desires to support the party and wish to be known as a Democrat.
    A general member of the Chatham County Democratic Committee may participate as a non-voting member. They can participate in all meetings with the exception of executive sessions. They may serve on a planning committee and/or subcommittee, and participate in the public caucus. They can also seek election for post holder seats when they become available.
    Definition of a Post Seat Holder:
    Post seat holders are the formal, governing body of the Chatham County Democratic Committee.
    Priority requirement: Being a registered voter residing in Chatham County.
    Secondary requirement: As the county is divided into eight districts, eight people are elected per district to represent, providing pertinent information, give resolutions and address voter concerns on behalf of that district to the committee. In order to give good service, post seat holders should meet with local Democrats in respective districts and remain available to hear concerns of Democrats in that district. Is it the responsibility of the post seat holders to bring voter concerns to the executive committee for review by the general membership committee.
    Preclusion to the Special Caucus
    Location: CCDC Headquarters, 714 Martin Luther King, Jr Blvd 3rd Floor,
    Date & Time: July 22, 2020 @ 6 - 8 p.m.
    Notice will be published 10 days prior to the election.
    Eight Caucus Chairs must be appointed by the Executive Chair (matching county districts) each representing respective to the district they will serve. Each establishes a district caucus as a replication of the CCDC Executive Committee.
    District requirements
    Each District Chair desiring to participate in a Caucus need the following: District Caucus Chair and three volunteers (volunteers do not need to be Post seat holders).
    Volunteer Duties include and not limited to: overseeing the election process, vote builder lookup, registering electors, and assisting the District Caucus Chair.
    District Electors
    To be eligible to vote:
    • Must be a registered voter in Chatham County and must live in that district and prove it through identification. (Both will be verified through Secretary of State voter registration)
    • Each Elector must sign in and have a 2020 signed declaration form on file.
    • Must fill out the elector’s form completely (home voting address is the only permitted address, no P.O. Boxes)
    Each person will be credentialed up until the close of the registration period decided by the Executive Committee Chair at their pleasure. Once again, it is important to designate volunteers to help with the process. Any district not in compliance may void their opportunity to caucus this year.
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