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Voter Protection Team Volunteering

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The Voter Protection team at the Democratic Party of Georgia is looking for volunteers to serve as paper ballot processing monitors and vote review panel members. These volunteers will help to ensure that every vote is counted in November. They need at least 3-4 people total in each county to volunteer.

A bit of information about these roles: Paper ballot processing monitors would be appointed by DPG as official monitors to observe the county's processing and scanning of hand-marked paper ballots. Vote review panel members would serve on three-member panels (composed of one Democratic appointee, one Republican appointee, and one appointee from the elections office). The panels adjudicate the voter's intent when a ballot contains stray markings – and so decide how that voter's choices are counted.

Both roles would require the volunteer to serve in-person, and cannot be done remotely. But given the volume of hand-marked paper ballots that are expected this election cycle (perhaps 2 million ballots!), these roles are critical to ensuring that the election is conducted in a fair and orderly way, and to ensure the highest confidence in the outcome of the election.

Anyone who would like more information can express their interest by filling out this Google survey. Someone from the Voter Protection team will reach out to them, give them more information, and confirm their interest in volunteering. The Voter Protection team will host a training so that the volunteers get all the information they need.

If you need additional information, please reach out to Kim Allen,

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