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State Convention Delegate Election / Friday, August 12

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State Convention Delegate Election

Friday, August 12, 6 pm

Chatham County Democratic Committee Headquarters

The Democratic Party of Georgia will host the 2022 State Convention on Saturday, August 27th. This will be our opportunity to showcase our now incumbent Democratic United States Senator, our amazing slate of candidates and do other important things like adopt our platform.

Governing of Delegates [C3.03.04]

According to our Charter (C3.03.04), each county can elect up to twice as many delegates as the number of state committee members. Chatham County has six state committee members. In addition to the delegates, we are also allowed to elect alternates in case one of the elected delegates is unable to attend the convention. Chatham County is allowed to elect the same number of alternates as state committee members.

Electing Delegates [BL3.01.01, BL3.01.02, BL3.01.22, BL3.01.21 ]

The CCDC will hold TWO separate elections. The first will be the Committee Caucus. This will determine half of the delegates and half of the alternates AND only those who are current elected committee members/post seat holders can vote in this caucus. This caucus has to happen first (BL3.01.04). The CCDC held this election on Monday, July 18.

The second election will be the Public Caucus and anyone who is a registered voter and resident of your county can vote for the remaining half of the delegates and alternates that need to be elected. This election is on Friday, August 12 at 6 pm.

After August 12, if their are vacancies, the Chair can appoint people to be delegates so long as they are residents of Chatham County.

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