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Meet Your 2021-2022 Committee Treasurer Candidate, Orlando Scott

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My name is Orlando Scott and I am a newly elected CCDC Post Seat Holder for District 7. I most recently took over the role as District 7 Chair for the CCDC. I’m a lifelong democratic voter who recently ran in the 2020 Chatham County Commissioner’s race for the District 7 seat. I have spent over 40 years here as a resident of Chatham County. I’m a local graduate of Savannah High School along with earning my Bachelor of Science degree from Savannah State University. My family includes my wife of 21 years Tonya and 2 awesome children Olivia and Andre.

Professionally I’m currently the District Manager for Advance Auto Parts Stores covering the Savannah Metropolitan Area and Low Country South Carolina. I am responsible for over $30 million in annual sales revenue and P&L control. Prior to this position, I’ve held multi-unit leadership roles with Dollar General Stores and Circuit City Corporation. Collectively I have a total of over 22 years in retail management. I’m an active member of Overcoming by Faith Ministries serving in multiple capacities including Men’s Ministry Leader and Musician. More importantly I dedicated my life around service to others. Service to my family, church, employer, and my community.

I’m asking for your vote as the next CCDC Treasury. I see the vision for our party and I want to be an integral part of its future success. I’m a man of integrity and one who has been fiscally responsible in all areas of my life. There is still work to do to build our financial status and grow our reserve. I have several fund raising ideas along with ways our party can be more supportive in critical political races here in Chatham County. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to serving in the role as Treasury for the CCDC for the next 4 years.

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