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Meet Your New

Committee Members

Congratulations to all the newly elected Chatham County Democratic Committee members.

Meet Your Committee Members

District 1: Nick Savas.

District 2: Patrick Kelsey, Chloe Farlow, George Penniman, Mitchell Mackler, Tomeca McPherson, Chassidy Maloy, Danielle Gibson, and Derek Mallow.

District 3: Jamello Merrell, Takisha Gates, and Gregory Smith.

District 5: Glynda Jones, Carl Murray, Jr., Alldrein Murray, Amethyst Okwu, Raphael Watson, Robert Bryant, Jermaine Oliver, and Estella Shabazz

District 6: Deidre Grim, Tara Scott-Brown, Nazir Carr-McNair, Spencer Demink, Jessica Mathis, Aaron Whitely, and John Grim.

District 7: James Jones, Orlando Scott, John Haden, Leslie Pickett-Shehan, Sarah Thompsen, and LaTricia Brown.

District 8: Tonia Howard-Hall, Julius Hall, Patrick Whitney, Ervenia Bowers, Margo Barbee, Todd Payne, and Gabriel Nelson.


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