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Meet Tony Riley, County Commissioner, District 2

· 2020 Candidates

Why are you running for office and as a Democrat?

I believe all of my work in bodies the Democratic principles and platforms. For that reason, I have been a Democrat all of my adult life. In the past, I have run as a Democrat and several elected positions.

If elected, what would be your top priorities? Why? How would you approach finding a solution

If elected I would work with other commissioners as well as city council members to garner information and resources in order to address unemployment and poverty concerns. I believe SEDA is on course to create a wealth of economic development for Chatham County and it would be my hope that we secure employment opportunities for our citizens here in Chatham County.

Why should voters cast a vote for you?

Savannah is growing at a pace that is a real challenge. I have the skills and the heart to meet that challenge.


I am asking you for your vote. I hope to serve you as District 2 County Commisioner.

The residents of County District 2 have very specific needs to be supported for our young and senior residents. Many work at our important institutions such as our hospitals, as well as the businesses that support our hospitals. It is also home to a great number of senior citizen, who still work and or volunteer in our schools.


So it is important that we work with the non-profit organizations who have resourses that can be allocated to support the lives of our young and old citizens.

I will work to develop opportunties for small and minority businesses.

Our CAT services need to be expanded to support the needs for safe and convenient transportation for our young working residents and the senior citizens of District 2.

  • I am the President of a successful Business serving Savannah
  • I am a native of Savannah, Georgia.  I was educated in our public schools and studied Political Science at Savannah State University.  I am married to Debra Frazier Riley. I am the father of four adult children and the grandfather of seven.
  • I am a member of Word of Faith Christian Family Center and a former
  • member of the 1977 Grammy Nominee Savannah Community Choir.
  • I have been Chairman, of the NAACP Community Relations Committee (Savannah).

All my life I have been committed to volunteering to making life better for us all, and most recently with these organizations: Savannah Neighborhood Community Centers, Veranda Senior Living, Crusaders Community Center, Abercorn Rehabilitation Healthcare, Thunderbolt Health and Rehabilitation. Signature Health and Rehabilitation, Summer Breeze Assistant Living, Habersham House Assistant Living, Buckingham Assistant Living, City of Savannah Senior Rodeo.

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