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Meet Tammie Mosley, Clerk of Superior Court

· 2020 Candidates

Tammie Mosley is Savannah born and Savannah raised. She received her Law Degree from Drake University and undergrad degree from Morris Brown College and continued onto an illustrious 22 year career as an attorney with 13 years working as a Superior Court Judge Staff Attorney. Tammie’s expertise in the Judicial Systems provides her with an Innovative and Energetic Vision as to how the Chatham County Judicial System can improve the case management processes. She will ensure consistency in record retention and security, accessibility to case records, and she will provide the best customer service to all. Furthermore, Tammie is an excellent communicator and consensus builder and will enhance relationships at the State Level to ensure the interests of Chatham County and the Eastern Circuit are well represented.
Mosley volunteers with Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and is a Trustee with the Telfair Museums. She has served on other community boards and committees such as CASA, Senior Citizens, Inc., Savannah Technical College Community Council, Georgia Historical Society Georgia Days Committee, Georgia Historical Society Gala, Dawn’s Daughter, and educational committees with Savannah Country Day School.

Why are you running for office and as a Democrat?

I am running as a proud Democrat for re-election as Chatham County Clerk of Superior Court, and in 2016, became the first attorney elected to this office.

In my first term serving as Chatham County Clerk of Superior Court, I supervised the superior court conversion into a unified case management system, and modernized the office with innovative programming, enhanced customer service, and community outreach, including:

  • Passport Acceptance Facility
  • VISIX public information monitors
  • The Forever Hearts Adoption Program & Adoption Day Celebration
  • New Attorney Swearing-In Gift
  • Employee Wellness Initiative

And in 2019, I was honored to be elected by my colleagues to the Georgia Superior Court Clerks Cooperative Authority (GSCCCA) Board.

My commitment to this office is based on values instilled in me as a lifelong Democrat: the beliefs of a fair, open and transparent, well-functioning government, one which allows for equal access for all citizens to important personal and public documents, and managed by public servants who instill trust in our public institutions that maintain and further our democracy.

If elected, what would be your top priorities? Why? How would you approach finding a solution?

If re-elected, my priorities for the next 4 years remain rooted in continued modernization of the office by finding and using innovative technologies.

I will also embrace the opportunity to continue my legacy of training and perfecting our communication and customer service skills so that each customer is met with respect, courtesy, professionalism, and humanity.

The Clerk’s Office of the future must utilize technology and science to meet the needs of the citizens and the Courts. Yearly, the Legislature and Courts enact new laws and policies which incorporate new uses of technology to file records, cases, and documents.

This utilization of technological solutions mandates that I approach this by embracing new methodologies in filing cases, preserving the record, and increasing efficiency, while maintaining platinum-level customer service in our daily tasks and interactions.

Why should voters cast a vote for you?

I am even more honored to be in a position to ask for your support again to allow me to continue the work that we began 4 years ago. I will continue to provide assistance and information as I carry out the duties of the Clerk’s Office with the highest level of professionalism and with the utmost courtesy, and make sure that each visitor to the office has the best customer service experience.

And although I am fortunate to be running unopposed, I encourage all voters to exercise their right to vote...and for Democratic candidates up and down the ticket.

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