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Meet Robert Bryant, Public Service Commission

· 2020 Candidates

Why are you running for office and as a Democrat?

I believe the citizens should be the priority for the work we do as leaders. The Democratic Party provides a platform that I resonate with the best, giving me inspiration to lead for the people. I understand and value the platform the DNC has presented that is focused on helping our communities. One of the more significant platform issues concerns our climate change and environmental work, presented as "Combating the climate crisis and pursuing environmental justice". I believe that we must end the use of fossil fuels to begin protecting our environment from a crisis. We must create a realistic plan that allows for a sustainable future for our planet. The risks we are encountering today will only create a catastrophic failure, given the rapid pace of ice caps melting, among other changes. The Public Service Commission is involved with decisions that lead to the environment based on what they allow corporations to do to our communities. For example, the construction of Plant Vogtle has a significant impact on the environment and public health. A nuclear plant emits components that pollute our air, while also using river water to cool the reactors. This is problematic because the citizens are at risk based on a decision by the PSC to create a nuclear plant to generate energy. I advocate for cleaner renewable energy that also provides for careers that help everyone remain free of pollutants. This is just one example of many that helps me explain why I believe the DNC platform provides a strong foundation for why I run as a Democrat.

If elected, what would be your top priorities? Why? How would you approach finding a solution?

Telephone Communications Technology

  • Increase access to internet and broadband technology for rural areas throughout Georgia
  • Provide state-of-the-art fiber optic cable technology for faster internet throughout Georgia
  • Explore strategies to provide environmentally efficient underground wiring

Sustainable Clean Energy

  • Collaborate with educational institutions to implement cutting-edge technologies and strategies for clean and sustainable energy sources
  • Explore alternative energy sources beyond fossil fuels such as solar, water, and wind options
  • Advocate for at least one renewable energy source program annually in a Georgia municipality

Efficient Energy Production

  • Advocate for lower energy costs
  • Educate rate payers on strategies to increase energy efficiency in their homes and businesses
  • Support clean energy campaigns in cities and counties throughout Georgia
  • Promote environmentally responsible and sustainable energy production in Georgia

Why should voters cast a vote for you?

I have provided a vision with the list of ideas for the rate-payers in Georgia to understand. More importantly, I have talked about being a consumer advocate if I am elected. I am interested in hearing from Georgians so that I can advocate for their needs at the planning table. I will center my leadership around advocating for people, especially our more vulnerable communities. My perspective is quite unique in the aspect of ideas, piloting programs, and leveraging partnerships to move Georgia forward.

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