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Meet Richard Winfield, U.S. Senator

· 2020 Candidates

We are at a moment of decision where the health, livelihood, and freedom of all Americans stand in the gravest jeopardy and we must not succumb to political cowardice. To avert disaster, we must make our country more just than it is has ever been by finally fulfilling our social rights to a secure livelihood, a livable environment, healthcare, housing, education, employee empowerment, a balance of work and family, and equal access to legal representation. My name is Richard Dien Winfield, and I am running for the United States Senate in Georgia’s special election to bring the fight to Washington to overcome all the obstacles to opportunity that are shackling our democracy.

Since 1982 I have been teaching philosophy at the University of Georgia in Athens, where I am Distinguished Research Professor. I have thinking hard about truth and justice and published the results of my investigations in 22 books. In 2018 I ran for the House of Representatives in Georgia’s 10th Congressional District as the first candidate to advocate a game changing Federal Job Guarantee to wipe out unemployment and poverty income. Now I am back to once again fight for the true solutions we must enact, all of which are at the heart of the greatest traditions of our party, as represented in FDR’s call for a new bill of rights and embodied in MLK’s agenda for the Poor People’s Campaign.

First, we must end unemployment and poverty income once and for all with a Federal Job Guarantee offering work serving our communities at a fair wage starting at $20/hr, and keeping pace with inflation and national prosperity, while raising social security benefits to that level of $41,600 per year. We must achieve 100% green energy production and consumption by 2030 and overcome the limitations of the ACA with Medicare for All that finally covers everyone’s necessary health costs with no copays, deductibles, or premiums. We must end the disempowerment of labor with automatic union elections and equal worker representation on corporate boards. We must enforce family values with paid family leave, 9 month paid parental leave, free public child and elder care, and $900 monthly child allowances. We must have equitable national funding of public schools, halve class size, pay teachers $60K and up, forgive student debt, and have free tuition and stipends at all public post-secondary schools. We must enforce the right to housing with a permanent ban on evictions, foreclosures, and utility cutoffs, with mandatory rescheduling of payments. And to protect all these rights, we must enact Legal Care for All, a public legal insurance program covering all personal legal counsel expenses in both civil and criminal cases. By fulfilling this social rights agenda we can save our democracy and rebuild the New Deal coalition of workers and minorities with which the Democratic Party reshaped America for the better.

Join me in making history this November 3rd. Make sure you are registered, request a mail in ballot, and make your voice count in forging a new birth of freedom before it is too late.

For more details of the real solutions to our crises, see my campaign website,, listen to my podcast America Unchained, and read my latest book, Democracy Unchained. Thank you for giving me a hearing.

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