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Meet Orlando Scott, County Commission, District 7

· 2020 Candidates

Orlando Scott has been a local resident of Chatham County for over 39 years. He graduated from Savannah High School and earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Savannah State University. Living by Savannah State’s mantra, “You can get anywhere from here,” Orlando has over 15 years of experience in Senior Strategic Leadership and has proven himself to be an adaptive leader who has the heart of all Chatham County residents in mind.

Professionally, he is the District Manager for Advance Auto Parts Stores and provides senior leadership for 15 company stores covering the Savannah Metropolitan Area and The Low Country of South Carolina. Prior to this position, he has held multi-unit leadership positions with Dollar General Stores and Circuit City Corporation. In 2019, Orlando was the first recipient of the Advance Auto Parts Martin Luther King Pay It Forward Award, which gives recognition to the top team member of the company who embodies acts of kindness and service.

Outside of his professional role in corporate America, Orlando is an active member and Elder of Overcoming By Faith Ministries, with duties that include Men’s Ministry Leader and Musician. In addition, he extends his leadership and serves as a key organizer for the community-wide Rock Fest Back to School Drive at the Ministry that annually distributes free uniforms to over 1,000 students.

Orlando has been faithfully married to the love of his life Tonya for 20 years and they have two wonderfully smart and gifted children, Olivia and Andre.

Position Statement

There is a continued need for a new revised vision for District 7. I believe I will bring fresh perspectives and ideas to this community. Some of these ideas will expound on the appropriations of T-SPLOSTS funding for Unincorporated West Chatham County. Including acknowledging concerns that address all major infrastructure issues throughout District 7. For example, the widening of Quacco Rd. and the completion of the I-16/I-95 interchange. And not forgetting but to also include and expand our commitment to serve our elderly, disabled, all working class within the district.

Why are you running for office and as a Democratic?

District 7 in Chatham County is a very unique and special place I call home. It is one of the fastest growing communities in the State of Georgia. This area is very diverse and needs a leader that can relate to all of the residents. I feel I’m the right candidate for this time. There has been lack vision, accessibility, and accountability for many years. Vision to deal with the infrastructure concerns that come with growth. The ability to touch our elected officials and have proper access to them. Also having someone in office that will have self-accountability and to allow others to hold me accountable.

So many decisions in this area are being made without consideration for all of the residents in the 7th District. Developers and business have benefited tremendously from the growth, fairing much better than the citizens of West Chatham County. We’ve gained crowded and dangerous road, drainage issues in pockets of the district, water treatment concerns, overcrowded schools for our children, and a decrease in green space due to the massive commercial and residential construction in the area. My goal in running is to make positive changes for all of the resident in West Chatham County: better roads, the completion of major infrastructure projects, increased police presence in our unincorporated areas, public transportation for our front line workers, beautification of Hy 17 and Quacco Rd, comprehensive plan for our next round of SPLOST funding that will benefit our entire community, and more services for our senior population.

I’m running as a Democratic because of the values it represents. I’m an advocate for social equality, criminal justice and immigration reform, affordable healthcare for all, fair wages, voting rights, and civil rights to name a few. I am sensitive to many issues that this party has fought for throughout history. Although running as a Democratic, I promise to be a voice for all the people of the 7th District.

If elected what would be your top priorities?

The completion of all major infrastructure projects: Quacco Rd lane expansion, Jimmy Deloach extension to I-16, working with our the our County Commissioners to address the Pipe Makers Canal issues, expansion of Pooler Water & Sewage Treatment, Pine Barron Rd widening, the completion of the I-16/I-95 interchange project, and a long term solution to the Pooler Tanger Outlet congestion.


A solid infrastructure plan is critical to the growth of the 7th District. Some experts estimates we are 10 -15 years behind in road planning. Next 10 years we’ll see high double digit growth in the area. It is paramount we stay ahead of the growth and plan for our future. Let’s learn from past failures in District 7 and work toward a better future with a solid infrastructure plan.

How would you approach finding a solution?

My approach would be one that is cross functional. Working together with our Federal and State Representatives, the County Chairman, Commissioners, and staff from the municipalities I represent for the greater good of Chatham County. Correcting infrastructure issues are not easy and often isn’t resolved in one term. I will fight for the needs of West Chatham County to make it a better place for all residents who live here.

Why should voters cast a vote for you?

People are looking for a leader with vision, who’s accessible, and will be accountable to all residents of District 7. As someone who is not a career politician, I bring a unique perspective of life and professional experiences that all of our residents can relate too. I was born and raised here in Chatham County. I’m a graduate of Savannah State University School of Business. Currently I’m a retail district manager with 20 plus years of management experience. I oversee over $30 million in annual revenue covering 15 locations. I’m married to a wonderful wife with 2 awesome kids. I attend Overcoming by Faith Ministries where I serve in many capacities and involved with several outreaches through the church that affect the lives of many individuals in Chatham County. I love where I live and the people who live here. From the working class to the retired family, there’s a place here for everyone. I see the vision and I’ll fight for all the residents of this area for a better tomorrow. More importantly, I am the best candidate for this great district.

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