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Meet Michael Mack, State House, District 166

· 2020 Candidates

Michael Mack has been a mental health provider for over 25 years, with degrees in psychology, social work, and finance from Savannah State, Rutgers, and Harvard. He has worked as a crisis clinician at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, performed as the Clinical Director of multiple facilities, and has helped thousands of people in need. In addition, Michael was an embedded therapist with the troops during their brave service in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation New Dawn.

Furthermore, Michael Mack has been a volunteer at many community organizations, such as the World Affairs Council, the Savannah State University Neighborhood Revitalization Project, Habitat for Humanity, the National Alliance for the Mental Ill, the Harvard Club of Savannah, and as President of the Clinical Social Work Association of Savannah. He has been a repeat guest lecturer at Crisis Intervention Training for the Chatham County and Savannah police departments, as well as a speaker at countless organizations looking to improve their interactions with clients, patients, and consumers of mental health services.

For too long, we’ve watched Georgia Republicans use ignorance, fear, hate, and anger as the driving force behind their policies. For too long, we’ve watched our schools get worse, our healthcare options get worse, our environment get worse, and good-paying jobs disappear. We deserve better. Future generations deserve better. Michael Mack will do everything he can to get us there, but he can’t do it alone. He needs your support, and your support of all Democrats across the State and across this great country. We deserve better!

Why am I running?

For too long, we've watched the politics in Georgia get nastier, and conservatives become unnecessarily more and more right wing, despite decades of control. For too long, fear, hate, and anger have become the driving force behind much of our legislation. For too long, we've watched our schools get worse, our healthcare options get worse, our environment get worse, our good paying jobs disappear, and our ability to have rational debates with our neighbors disintegrate. For too long, we have been struggling, our children have been struggling, our teachers have been struggling, and our first responders have been struggling. Meanwhile, Republicans in the State Capitol are more worried about pushing hotly debated emotional buttons for cheap votes and easy headlines. Every day, our quality of life is slowly washing away, and they're more worried about putting up gambling casinos, crushing people's rights, and making it harder for folks to vote.


We deserve better. Georgia is an amazing state with incredible people. The Coastal Empire/Savannah Low Country is a wonderful place to live, with so much to offer. The kindness of the folks here is second to none. It's 2020. We need to focus on the issues of 2020. We deserve better. And, in the Georgia House of Representatives, I'll do everything I can to help us get there.

My priorities?

My priorities include improving education, protecting women's rights, protecting LGBTQIA rights, and guaranteeing access to healthcare. It's sad that we are still fighting for basic human rights in Georgia, but here we are.

Why should voters cast for me?

Because we shouldn't bow down to a Russian-funded gun lobby instead of protecting our kids, we shouldn't cut science programs and force religion into our schools, we should never think that ocean water advisories because of pollution levels are acceptable. Voters need someone who will always, always, always cast a vote for them instead of special interest groups. I'm not a politician. I never will be. I refuse. I will be someone in Atlanta who speaks truth to power, and does everything he can to end corruption. Everyone says things like that to get elected, but I really, truly mean this. I am not for sale, and never will be.

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