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Meet Marcus Thompson, GA House 164

· 2020 Candidates

Meet Your Candidate, Marcus Thompson

My mother told me a story about when I was born. She said, “Your legs had to be broken, in order to be straightened out. The doctors told us that chances are high, that you wouldn’t be able to walk normally.”

She told me this my freshman year in college...after a life full of sports. Baseball, football, basketball, marching band and track. She didn’t want to paint my future, by telling me what I couldn’t be.

Today, I am a grown man and I have learned what I think my mom was trying to teach me...if there is something worth fighting for, something worth becoming...don’t let any person or anything stand in your way. They taught me to take ownership over everything I do and be accountable to myself, if to no one else.

My family and I live, work and play in Georgia. I love this area, Richmond Hill, Savannah, Pooler, Bloomingdale and Hinesville. I have an anchor in each location.

I live in Richmond Hill. I work in Savannah. My territory is in Pooler. I play softball in Bloomingdale. My Fraternity is in Hinesville. This is the 164th. This is my district.

Passion. I am passionate about my daughter learning how to become a service to her community. I am passionate about taking care of and watching over people. Nurturing relationships. Making sure citizens have adequate protections and that our children are safe. I am passionate about education, as it is 2nd only to the safety of my daughter, thus I will be passionate about education for all our children

My name is Marcus and I am for all of US.

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