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Meet CCDC Chair, Deidre Grim

· Featured,Officer Election '22

As a social scientist, planner, and activist, Dr. Deidre Grim, is one who does not believe in defeat, loss, or excuses. Deidre is a doctoral graduate in Urban Planning, Policy, and Design from the University of California, Irvine but her roots are deeply embedded in the South.

She calls herself a lifelong learner because her mom/grandmother taught her that an education is something no one can ever take from her. Dr. Grim grew up in South Carolina, where her passion for equality and equity took root at a very young age because of her family’s dedication to activism and service. She is the wife of a retired Army veteran and mother of 3 sons and one daughter who have all taught her patience and diligence and have embedded her life even more in service to the community.

Over the last decade, she has workedin nonprofits where she ensures that every person, she comes in contact with receives a hand up. In her spare time, she loves to study the beautiful landscape of Savannah, advocate for equity, and volunteer with organizations that work to change the trajectory of the next generations.

Dr. Grim is Ivory Bay Community Development Corporation's CEO and most recently named the first Black executive director for Forsyth Farmers’ Market.

Deidre believes that what she is working towards is much greater than herself, and just as Vice President Kamala Harris teaches, “If you are fortunate to have an opportunity, it is your duty to make sure other people have those opportunities as well.”

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