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Local Leaders Stand with Chatham County Democratic Committee in protest of Georgia HB531 and SB241

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SAVANNAH, GA On Friday March 5, 2021 local City and County Democratic leaders joined the Chatham County Democratic Committee in protest of HB 531 and SB 241 - the most blatant attack on voter rights since Jim Crow.

SB 241 would end no-excuse mail voting, implement new ID requirements, and add witness requirements for mail in voters resulting in the worst voter suppression since Jim Crow.

HB 531 restricts drop box access, adds new ID requirements for mail voting, and restricts weekend voting among other provisions all of which demonstrate just how unrelenting the GOP-led Georgia legislature is in their attacks on voting rights.

“Georgia is at the center of a nationwide debate over election security despite zero evidence of widespread election fraud" said Jay Jones, Chairman of the Chatham County Democratic Committee. "Republicans in the Georgia General Assembly are actively working to change the rules of voting in our state - rules they wrote - because they were defeated via one of the largest voter turn outs to an election in history."

Standing with the Chatham County Democratic Committee were members of the local democratic party, Chatham County District Post Seat Holders, Democratic members of the Chatham County Commission, members of the Savannah City Council, and Democratic Mayor Van Johnson.

"At this time, when we should be talking about recovery, and about how to bring Georgia back from all the things we have faced over the last year, we are talking about (the Republicans) trying to prevent people from voting". Said Mayor Johnson. "I am standing with our colleagues, the Chatham County Democrats, in solidarity with the Chatham County Democratic Committee, Democrats across the State and across this nation to say, if we are trying to take away somebody's opportunity to vote, we are depriving them of a vital civil right."

GOP legislators in Georgia have clearly shown that there is an urgent need for federal action to safeguard voting rights and pass HR 1 and JR 4 to protect voters from racist and malicious voter suppression. HB 531 and SB 241 are nothing less than a direct attack on voting rights in Georgia framed by baseless far right conspiracy theories and disinformation that undermines our democracy. They are assaults on democracy that constitute some of the worst attacks on voting rights since reconstruction. Their progress though our legislature shows just how critical it is that Congress pass HR 1 and HR 4 to protect voters and safeguard democracy. 

For more information on how to contact your Georgia State representatives and the State Senate Ethics committee responsible for crafting the bills mentioned, please visit

The Chatham County Democratic Committee is committed to helping every voter make their voice heard, and ensuring that every Georgian has what they need to make their vote count. For more information about the Chatham County Democratic Committee, please visit


Catalina Garcia-Quick, President

First City Political Group


Speaker: Jay Jones, Chairman, Chatham County Democratic Committee, Center in Red: Mayor Pro-Tiem, Dr. Estella Edwards Shabazz


Speaker: Jay Jones, Chairman, Chatham County Democratic Committee, Right/Tan Suit: Savannah Mayor Van Johnson, Center in Red: Mayor Pro-Tiem, Dr. Estella Edwards Shabazz, Background: Chatham County Democratic Committee Post Seat Holders and City/County Elected Leadership

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