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Georgia GOP proposed legislation revives Georgia's dark history of voter suppression and racism as state policy. #ProtectTheVote

On March 1, 2021, Georgia House Republicans sided with conspiracy theorists and misinformation spreaders by passing HB 531, legislation that would threaten millions of Georgia voters’ access to the ballot box. All but three Republicans in the Georgia Senate majority are cosponsoring SB 241, a massive elections bill that would give Georgia one of the most restrictive absentee-by-mail voting laws in the country. Both are the latest attempt by lawmakers to make voting harder after Democratic victories.

SB 241 would end no-excuse mail voting, implement new ID requirements, and add witness requirements for mail voters resulting in the worst voter suppression since Jim Crow.

HB 531 restricts drop box access, adds new ID requirements for mail voting, and restricts weekend voting among other provisions all of which demonstrate just how unrelenting the GOP-led Georgia legislature is in their attacks on voting rights.

The CCDC is encouraging our members to write letters to their state representatives opposing these bills and strongly expressing outrage at the proposed legislation that would threaten millions of Georgia voters’ access to the ballot box.

Suggestions of what to say:

        These bills are suppressive and unnecessary, and they are outwardly discriminatory, and would have a disparate impact on Black and other minority voters across our state, as well as older voters and voters in single-person households. 

        They would ultimately lead to increased taxes to pay for added voting costs.  

        Outside groups would be prohibited from supplying funds as they have in the past.

        This bill would erect a barricade to voting access, reviving Georgia’s dark history of voter suppression and racism as state policy.

Republican Senator Email addresses:

  • max.burns@senate.ga.gov
  • jason.anavitarte@senate.ga.gov
  • mike.dugan@senate.ga.gov
  • steve.gooch@senate.ga.gov
  • bo.hatchett@senate.ga.gov
  • butch.miller@senate.ga.gov
  • brian.strickland@senate.ga.gov
  • randy.robertson@senate.ga.go
  • dean.burke@senate.ga.gov

    You can can email the members of the Senate Ethics committee who crafted this bill.

    Here they are with their email & phone numbers:

  •     Max Burns, Chair max.burns@senate.ga.gov 404-656-7586
  •     Dean Burke, Vice Chair, dean.burke@senate.ga.gov 404-656-0040
  •     Harold Jones II, Secretary harold.jones@senate.ga.gov 404-656-0036
  •     Jason Anavitarte jason.anavitarte@senate.ga.gov 404-656-0085
  •     Gloria Butler gloria.butler@senate.ga.gov 404-656-0075
  •     Mike Dugan mike.dugan@senate.ga.gov 404-656-7872
  •     Steve Gooch steve.gooch@senate.ga.gov404-656-9221
  •     Ed Harbinson ed.harbinson@senate.ga.gov 404-656-0074
  •     Sally Harrell sally.harrell@senate.ga.gov 404-463-2260
  •     Bo Hatchett bo.hatchett@senate.ga.gov 404-656-7454
  •     Butch Miller butch.miller@senate.ga.gov 404-656-6578
  •     Randy Robertson randy.robertson@senate.ga.gov 404-463-3931
  •     Brian Strickland brian.strickland@senate.ga.gov 404-463-6598

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