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Meet Your 2021-2022 Committee Treasurer Candidate, Glynda Jones


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I AM GLYNDA M. JONES. I have been nominated to run for treasurer of the Chatham County Democratic Party (CCDC). I thank the individual for the nomination and the trust they have in me to serve in this position.

I am a native Savannahian. I returned home in 1994 after living in various cities around the country. I graduated from Windsor Forest High School and Mercer University. Professionally, I am a Certified Quality Auditor. I am a member of the Historic Second African Baptist Church, where I sing in the choir and serve on the Education Committee.

Quite a bit of my working career has been spent in chemical laboratories conducting research. For the past twenty-five years, I have been employed by the American Red Cross. Presently at the Red Cross, I am a Principal Quality Auditor. My position is one that ensures the safety of the blood supply by performing inspections of the collection, manufacturing, testing, and distribution of blood products. I am part of a gift that gives life!

I have been indirectly and directly associated with politics since my return to Savannah. I have worked on several winning campaigns and plan to continue to work to get Democrats elected to office.

I joined the CCDC because I was interested in the advancement of the Democratic Party locally. I serve on the Finance Committee.

There is much work to be done, and, as I have already demonstrated as a part of the CCDC, I am up to the challenge.

Your vote for me is greatly appreciated.

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