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Democratic Coordinating Committee Weekly Update

For the week of September 19, 2022

· Coordinate Campaign

We are in the final stretch of the campaign with only 50 days until Election Day and less than 4 weeks until Georgians begin going to the polls for early voting. Reverend Warnock narrowly leads in the senate race and Stacey Abrams has closed in on Brian Kemp, increasing our chances of keeping this state Blue in 2022.

We just have to get them across the finish line and win big enough in November that the Republicans can’t challenge our votes. In 2020, we made history by flipping the state so Republicans did everything they could to suppress the vote in this election.

This just means we have to work harder and vote in even larger numbers, pushing our voters to the polls for early voting to avoid unexpected poll closures, provisional ballot challenges, and long lines at the polls.

Now is not the time to sit back and do nothing with our democracy on the line, our fundamental rights at stake, and with our communities being harmed by the extremist policies of the opposition.

We have less than 7 weeks to get this done, how are you going to help make history?

Upcoming events:

Door to door is the best way to not only get to know your community, but also to have real conversations with undecided voters.

We’ve had over 50 people come out and hit doors with us and talked to hundreds of voters. This work is important in not only spreading the word about our One Georgia ticket but also helping people with finding their polling place, ensuring that they know how the new voting laws affect them and how they can get their mail-in ballot back if they requested one by putting them in contact with our Voter Protection Team.

This is why this work is so important and this is why we are going to be the team that wins for Stacey, for Senator Warnock, and the entire Democratic ticket in November!


Nick Kilmer, Regional Organizing Director

  • (229) 338-9144

Devon Spiva, Regional Organizing Director

  • (912) 659-2723

About The Democratic Coordinating Committee Campaign

The Democratic Coordinating Committee Campaign, an extension of the Democratic Party of Georgia, leads a diverse and robust coordinated organizing team in Georgia for the 2022 election. The Committee is committed to building a coordinated campaign working to elect Democrats at all levels on the ballot in November 2022. 

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