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Democratic Coordinating Committee Weekly Update

For the week of October 10, 2022

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Our Get Out the Vote push is here! October 17th, next Monday, beginsearly voting across the state and we need help to make sure our voters have a plan to get to the polls! If you haven’t canvassed with us so far, this is your chance to get involved. Don’t wake up November 9th wishing you haddone more. We need to win this election big on November 8th, gettingover 50% and avoiding a runoff and winning with a solid enough margin that it won’t be challenged. We cannot do that without your help. Over 100 people have joined us to volunteer since July, hitting thousands of doors, making thousands of calls, and many have had the opportunity to meet our statewide candidates and hear them speak. This campaign is not only an opportunity to make Georgia better and elect the candidates who will represent us over special interests and partisan politics, but also to meet the other changemakers in your community, to meet other like-minded passionate people who have worked to make Georgia blue. We needed just 4 extra votes per precinct to put Stacey Abrams over the top in 2018 and, with your help, we can make sure those voters get out to the polls this time and flip this state.

When we door knock, we not only get to learn about our community and meet the people who make it what it is, we turn our one vote into many. Finding the voters who otherwise would not get out to vote or those who may have faced voting challenges and getting them to the polls is an incredibly rewarding experience. The conversations you have stick with you and, when we flip this state in November, you can be proud of yourself for being a part of historic change in Georgia. Now let’s get out there and win the whole Dem thing!   

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Nick Kilmer, Regional Organizing Director

  • (229) 338-9144

Devon Spiva, Regional Organizing Director

  • (912) 659-2723

About The Democratic Coordinating Committee Campaign

The Democratic Coordinating Committee Campaign, an extension of the Democratic Party of Georgia, leads a diverse and robust coordinated organizing team in Georgia for the 2022 election. The Committee is committed to building a coordinated campaign working to elect Democrats at all levels on the ballot in November 2022. 

This communication is sent by the Chatham County Democratic Committee as a courtesy on behalf of the Democratic Party of Georgia's Coordinated Campaign. All questions regarding the content should be directed to the campaign. For more information about the campaign visit















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