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Democratic Coordinating Committee Weekly Update

For the week of September 12, 2022

· Coordinate Campaign


Happy Sunday everyone! If you haven’t heard, we have a Facebookpage now! You can join through this link.

There are 57 days until the midterm elections and just over fiveweeks until voters in Georgia begin casting their ballots but, due to people
requesting absentee ballots, the voting process has very much begun. Here is
where you can join us to ensure that our candidates are elected across the

Canvassing voters and phone banking are two of the most effectiveways of identifying and turning out our voters. If we are going to win in
November then we have to do it together. We cannot wait to canvass/phone
bank/win with all of you!

News from the Week:

AJC, Ty Tagami, 9/9/22

Guns in Georgia’s public schools are on the rise. So, too, is thedebate about what to do about it. The fall semester started with clear
backpacks in some places and long security lines in others. Meanwhile,
officials are pledging to spend more money on everything from more armed
officers to newer, high-tech scanners and license plate readers. But there’s
still little consensus about what works and what doesn’t — and how far security
measures should go. There are more guns, and shootings, in Georgia’s schools
than in the past, according to official records and media reports. During the
school year that ended in 2015, there were 76 incidents in which a student was
disciplined for bringing a handgun to school, according to Georgia Department
of Education data. By last year, new data reviewed by The Atlanta
Journal-Constitution shows the number of handgun cases had nearly tripled, to
195. Counting rifles and other firearms, the number rose to 293.

WSAV, Archith Seshadri, 9/7/22

Georgia’s gubernatorial race is heating up with both Gov. BrianKemp and Democrat Stacey Abrams planning campaign stops across the state to win
votes. Democrats say Abrams helped Georgia flip blue for the 2020 presidential
race and senate races but now it will be up to voters who will decide the
state’s next governor on Nov. 8. Abrams said she wants to expand Medicaid and
provide better healthcare access for Georgians.

WGXA, Brandon McGouirk, 9/7/22

Gas prices, while lower than they were earlier in the year, arestill higher than what many would consider acceptable. With Georgia's cost at
the pump averaging at around $3.32 per gallon, Senator Raphael Warnock is part
of a group leading an effort to do something about it. This new bill, if
passed, would discourage this price gouging as well as raise the corporate tax
rate on profits made off of petroleum, tax stock buybacks, and eliminate
accounting exercises that petroleum companies have used to reduce their tax


We are weeks away from one of the most consequential elections inour country’s history. Democracy is at stake, women/minority rights are being
threatened, and we cannot sit idly by as these Republicans establish
authoritarian rule in our country. Let's get out there, energize our voters,
and win the Dem thing.


Nick Kilmer, Regional Organizing Director

  • (229) 338-9144

Devon Spiva, Regional Organizing Director

  • (912) 659-2723

About The Democratic Coordinating Committee Campaign

The Democratic Coordinating Committee Campaign, an extension of the Democratic Party of Georgia, leads a diverse and robust coordinated organizing team in Georgia for the 2022 election. The Committee is committed to building a coordinated campaign working to elect Democrats at all levels on the ballot in November 2022. 

This communication is sent by the Chatham County Democratic Committee as a courtesy on behalf of the Democratic Party of Georgia's Coordinated Campaign. All questions regarding the content should be directed to the campaign. For more information about the campaign visit














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