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Democratic Coordinating Committee Weekly Update

For the week of September 5, 2022

· Coordinate Campaign

The Democratic Party State Convention was this weekend and showed just how fired up our state is to win this election.

Here in Chatham and Bryan Counties we will be doing everything we can in the last seventy-two days to get out our voters and elect our candidates.

In the run-up to the election we are going to be having a lot of people coming in from out of state to help out in our efforts! If you are able and have the space, please fill out this form, to indicate your interest in housing someone.

We are just kicking off our day of action today with our canvases in Pooler and out in Thunderbolt, as well as a phone bank to finish up the day!

If we are going to win this thing, it is going to have to be done with all of us. If you are available for an hour or two at any point this week, we have an event for you. Please sign up through one of the links below and we can’t wait to keep this state blue with you all.

Upcoming events:

Come Canvass with us in Pooler or Wilmington Island throughout this week! We will be canvassing multiple times a day throughout the week and you can find the time and meeting locations through the links!

Not interested in knocking doors? Sign up here for one of our phone banks at the office! From 5 to 7 everyday except Monday we will be calling voters across district 1 to get the vote and energize our voters!

We will also be leading a canvass launching from the McDonalds on highway 80 next Saturday and Sunday.

If you prefer your canvassing over the weekend, sign up for one of these opportunities!


Nick Kilmer, Regional Organizing Director

  • (229) 338-9144

Devon Spiva, Regional Organizing Director

  • (912) 659-2723

About The Democratic Coordinating Committee Campaign

The Democratic Coordinating Committee Campaign, an extension of the Democratic Party of Georgia, leads a diverse and robust coordinated organizing team in Georgia for the 2022 election. The Committee is committed to building a coordinated campaign working to elect Democrats at all levels on the ballot in November 2022. 

This communication is sent by the Chatham County Democratic Committee as a courtesy on behalf of the Democratic Party of Georgia's Coordinated Campaign. All questions regarding the content should be directed to the campaign. For more information about the campaign visit











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