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For Immediate Release: Chatham County Democratic Committee elects new Executive Board -

63 Post Seat Holders begin two to four year terms

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SAVANNAH, GA December 16, 2020

Last night (Tuesday, December 15, 2020) voting members of the Chatham County Democratic Committee elected a new Executive Board to serve through 2022.

Chairman Jay Jones, 6th district, ran unopposed and will serve as CCDC Chairman for another two years. Mr. Patrick Kelsey, 2nd District, was elected as first Vice Chair. Ms. Tomeca McPherson, also of the 2nd district, was elected as Second Vice Chair. Ms. Gabrielle Nelson, 8th district, was elected as Secretary, and Mr. Orlando Scott, 7th district, was elected as Treasurer.

Back in November, districts one through eight held post seat elections and those elected officially took office on December 15. Post seat holders are essential voting members of the CCDC as they vote on important business administered at the monthly business meetings, vote in party elections, run for some party positions including chair-ships, serve as members in house district committees which organizes democrats at the house district and precinct level in Chatham County. The following party members were elected as district post seat holders for the Chatham County Democratic Committee and will serve their term from two to four years.

District Post Seat Holders:

District 1: Sam Simpson, Nick Savas, Andrea Silverman, Joe Thomas, Charles Shaw, Benjamin Wanager, Kevin Heyman, Catalina Garcia-Quick

District 2: Tia Brightwell, Samantha Smalls, Detric Leggett, Mitchel Mackler, Tomeca McPherson, Chassidy Malloy, Patrick Kelsey, Janice Shay

District 3: Edna Jackson, Jamello Merrell, LaMont Griffin, Antwan Lang, Brian Reese, Takisha Gates, Gregory Smith

District 4: Angela Savage-Bryant, Marilyn Michaels, Sue Kantor, Kerry Rosen, Gwen Jordon, Rosaleen Regan, Kerri McGinty, Michael Spears

District 5: Alldrein Murray, Carl Murray Jr., Darnell Johnson, Amethyst Okwu, Finley Johnson Jr., Robert Bryant, Glynda Jones, Angela Washington

District 6: Aaron Whitley, Jay Jones, Alicia Miller-Blakley, Spencer Demink, Mirium Munn, Shantelle Brown, Glenada Davis, Joel Bond

District 7: Bacarra Mauldin, Orlando Scott, John Haden, Claudia Collier, Leslie Picket-Sheehan, Tom Hutcherson, Joyce Griggs, Latricia Brown

District 8: Tonia Howard-Hall, Julius Hall, Beretta Lanier, Ervenia Bowers, Thomas Barbee, Artlise Cone, Patrick Whitney, Gabrielle Nelson

About the Chatham County Democratic Committee (CCDC):

The Chatham County Democratic Committee (CCDC), located in Savannah, GA is one of 159 County Committees and is the primary point of contact between the Democratic Electorate and the Democratic Party. The CCDC is frequently the first contact for Democratic activists and candidates. The Committee’s duties include electing State Committee Members, promoting Party platforms, recruiting qualified candidates for public office, supporting Democratic nominees, qualifying Democratic candidates for county level elected positions, and performing such primary and election functions as are required through the by-law. The Chatham County Democratic Committee is composed of 8 members per County District elected by the Democratic Party of Chatham County membership. Membership shall not exceed 64. Elected members shall fulfill the Chatham County Democratic Committee’s duties as prescribed by the Committee’s by-laws. For more information about the Chatham County Democratic Committee, please see our website at

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Catalina Garcia-Quick

First City Public Relations

Mobile: (510) 677-4433

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